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Euphoria Blog archive from December 2012
Why Our Preparation Shots Are Different

A quick explanation on why our wedding preparation shots are different.

31 December 2012
Rocks on Scotch
Note From Norma Rocks On The Scotch

Norma and Roz work as a team to create an interesting image with a twist! 

26 December 2012
Note From Norma With Roz Rambling Nerves Or Excitement

Roz and Norma share their thoughts on how they feel the night before a wedding.

24 December 2012
FAQ When Do You Eat
22 December 2012
Why We Shoot With Canon
20 December 2012
Why We Like Olympus
19 December 2012
Why Euphoria
17 December 2012
Wedding Venues Around The Isle of Skye

A list of wedding venues around the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

12 December 2012
FAQ Why Two Photographers
11 December 2012
FAQ First Look Photography

A second blog covering more Frequently Asked Questions.

10 December 2012
Note From Norma Isle Of Skye Destination Wedding

Norma shares some reasons to choose the Isle of Skye for a destination wedding.  She reveals some handy links to places of interest, including Dunvegan Castle, Clan Donald Heritage Armadale Castle and Lady Claire Macdonald's Kinloch Lodge.  Enjoy the Euphoria experience on Skye!

08 December 2012