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Isle of Skye Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo

Isle of Skye Elopements:

The term "Corona weddings" is being used now - and it rubs me up the wrong way.

Why should such a special day in your life be in any way defined by Covid-19?

This is the biggest adventure of your life and you get to share it with your best friend. 

While it's true that your plans may change (this has happened with some of our lovely clients-to-be), we know this won't prevent your day being every bit as magical as you dreamed.

Scotland is just starting to come back to life after a period of lockdown, and it means the mountains and glens, lochs and rivers and wondrous scenery is all right here, waiting for you.

Getting Married Legally:

If you're planning a romantic blessing ceremony without any of the legal aspects, then you don't need to deal with any paperwork.  Both a celebrant or a Highland Council registrar will be able to take a non-legal ceremony for you.

However, for a legal wedding, you need to complete the Marriage Notice (M10) Form no later than 29 days and no sooner than three months before your intended wedding date.  The form can be downloaded from the National Records of Scotland website.

For a legal marriage, it is important to contact the registry office nearest your ceremony location.  Click on the links for the Portree and Raasay Service Point, Broadford Service Point and Kyle Service Point.  Registrars are also available to travel to Skye's outdoor locations.   We spoke to the lovely team of Highland Council registrars in Portree for the latest information on weddings right now, and you can read our Meet The Registrars blog here.

You must also have two witnesses at your wedding and, as there are always two of us at every shoot, we would be thrilled to help out!  

In the meantime, we have updated our page to include the very latest information on planning your Isle of Skye elopement during Covid-19 restrictions.  

Because many of our eloping couples come to Skye from afar, we have put together a list of wedding venues, wedding professionals and legal information we hope will be useful for you - especially right now when so many local businesses have closed!  Here, you can find details about:

We'd love to hear all about your wedding or elopement plans!


We are currently running a special elopement offer for the first ten 2021 Isle of Skye elopements that we book!  

We are so excited about your elopement!  The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you and we'd love to hear all your plans!

Roz & Norma x

Loch Coruisk Elopement Photo 

Isle of Skye Outdoor Elopement Venues:

Secret Skye Locations:

With social distancing required, our Secret Skye locations will hopefully give you some reassurance that you can have a truly intimate and safe elopement.  While we cannot guarantee these places will be absolutely deserted, we can definitely confirm they are far quieter than the majority of Skye's outdoor wedding locations.  

Secret Skye - The Stacks.

Secret Skye - Secret Fairy Pools.

Iconic Skye Locations:

The parts of Skye you've seen in a Hollywood film or on Instagram could form your wedding backdrop!

As Isle of Skye wedding photographers, we have had the delight of photographing couples in love amid the beautiful Scottish landscape.  Is there a location that's special to you?  Let's go there!

Quiraing Isle of Skye Elopement Wedding Photographer Photo

Quiraing - an extraordinary landscape for an extraordinary occasion!  

You can find the Quiraing after around a 35-minute drive from the town of Portree.  At the top of a winding road, there is a car park, enabling you to walk just a few feet off the road and have the Quiraing as your background.  

If you wanted to have your ceremony up the Quiraing itself, the walk takes around two hours but is definitely worth the trek.

Loch Coruisk Wedding Photographer Photo

Loch Coruisk - there's something romantic about a location that is only practically accessible by boat.  Surrounded by Skye's jagged mountain range, The Cuillins, the loch is often wreathed with atmospheric mist.  There is a strong possibility that you will see seals and, occasionally, dolphins on the journey – making this wedding location a favourite for couples with children. 

Boat trips leave from Elgol, which is located approximately a 30-minute drive from the town of Broadford.  Once there, the terrain is fairly easy to walk, but sturdy boots are recommended as the path can be muddy.  Once on the shores of the loch, you can choose whether to hold your ceremony on a windswept cliff or by the loch itself.  Visit or Loch Coruisk Virtual Walkthrough for a more in-depth guide to the terrain.

To book your boat trip, you can contact Misty Isle Boat Trips or Bella Jane Boat Trips.  Misty Isle Boat Trips have confirmed they will be available after July 15 2020.  The lovely team at Bella Jane Boat Trips are hoping to get back to work, but do check ahead to make sure they're available.  

Fairy Pools Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo

Fairy Pools - magical pools with a backdrop of jagged Cuillins add drama to your wedding day.  The name itself suggests something special – but the location exceeds your wildest dreams.  

Located close to the Talisker Distillery, the Fairy Pools are around a 35-minute drive from the town of Portree and can be found in Glenbrittle.  Getting to the Fairy Pools will require a 20-minute walk both ways, so you might want to wear boots and carry your wedding shoes for this one!  The terrain is easy as there is a path to walk on, but there are large stepping stones and mud to navigate.  Visit our Fairy Pools Virtual Walkthrough guide to get a better idea of the terrain.

There are a number of different pools where you could have your ceremony, including by several waterfalls. 

The car park is back open again and charges £5 per car.  Users are asked to bring exact change. 

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Elgol - if you don't fancy the boat trip to Loch Coruisk, or the weather is unfavourable,  Elgol Harbour makes a gorgeous alternative.  

Head to Broadford and take the turning marked Elgol - located next to the Broadford Hotel.  After a journey of about half an hour, you will find yourself by Elgol Harbour. On a rainy day, the Honeycomb Rock forms a large, overhanging shelter - a perfect place for a ceremony in the rain! 

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

The Old Man Of Storr - an intriguing rock, formed by part of the Trotternish landslip.  

Having your wedding at the foot of the Old Man of Storr would take around a 45 minute-long walk up hill, on fairly easy terrain.  It can get muddy and boggy in places, so sensible footwear is advised.  Alternatively, the Old Man could provide a backdrop to your wedding photographs.   

Staffin Bay Wedding Photo 

Staffin Bay - crashing waves and magical scenery combine to create a stretch of beautiful coastline.  

Staffin Bay is located near to the Quiraing, Duntulm Castle and the Old Man of Storr and is around 17 miles north of Portree.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Neist Point Lighthouse - iconic, delightful and surrounded by beautiful views, this is an unusual and dramatic wedding venue.  

Neist Point Lighthouse can be found near Glendale.  The walk directly to the lighthouse takes around 45 minutes down a concrete path.  However, if you opt to park in the car park and walk along the coastline, with the Lighthouse as a backdrop, this would save time and still result in impressive views.

Fairy Glen Wedding Photographer Photo

Fairy Glen - wind-sculpted green hills, still pools and abundant beauty makes this one of Euphoria's top elopement spots.  

It is located very close to Uig, where the ferry goes to the Outer Hebrides.  In winter, the terrain is slippery with ice.  During summer, however, it's an easy walk to the top.    

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Sligachan - stunning scenery and the option to have your wedding ceremony on the ancient bridge, makes Sligachan a terrific wedding location.  

It is located in the middle of Skye, an easy distance from Portree.   

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Talisker Bay - a gorgeous Skye beach with shining sands.  

Talisker Bay is close to Glenbrittle and the Fairy Pools, in the north of Skye.  The walk will take you along easy terrain on a road that fades into a dirt track.  It should take around 20 minutes each way.  

Coral Beach

Coral Beach - dazzling white and beautifully windswept, this "beach" is one of Skye's top beauty spots.  

The Coral Beach car park located at Waternish, around a 10 minute-drive from Dunvegan Castle.  The walk is along easy terrain and takes around 25 minutes each way.   

Check out our Coral Beach Virtual Walkthrough for more information.    

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Brothers' Point - incredible land formations and an awesome view of Kilt Rock, this has fast become one of our favourite wedding locations.

Check out our Brothers' Point Virtual Walkthrough, where we guide you through the terrain involved.  

Dunscaith Castle Wedding Photographer Photo

Dunscaith Castle - a crumbling ruined castle atop a majestic Skye cliff.

Heading from Broadford, take the turning for Armadale.  Follow the road until you see a sign post for Ord on your right.  Take the winding single-track road until it curves down, past a beach and up a hill.  Dunscaith Castle is to your right and requires an easy walk across a rough path,  Our Dunscaith Castle Virtual Walkthrough can be found here.

Isle of Skye Wedding Flowers:

Sconser Lodge Wedding

Flowers by Carole - Carole takes great pride in her work and the results are stunning.  Carole has confirmed she is taking orders for wedding flowers, so do get in touch with her.

Eilean Donan Castle Wedding Photographer

Loch Duich Plants - Donald creates gorgeous floral works of art.  He is located close to Eilean Donan Castle and has confirmed he is back to work, but warned that deliveries have not settled and prices have seen an upturn.

Isle of Skye Wedding Hair and Makeup:

Loch Coruisk Elopement Photographer Photo

Bee Bonnie - Heather Campbell usually does both hair and make-up.  She has told us she can do wedding hair from July 15, but hasn't been given a date when she is allowed to do make-up yet.  We will keep this blog post updated when we know more information.    

Skye Beauty

Skye Beauty - Lynn is a fully qualified beauty therapist and will ensure you look radiant on your wedding day.  Lynn has confirmed she will be back to work from the end of July 2020 onwards.  Like Heather, current guidelines only allow Lynn to do wedding hair, not make-up.

Isle Of Skye Elopement & Wedding Transport:

Loch Coruisk Wedding Photographer

Misty Isle Boat Trips - some locations, such as Loch Coruisk, are only accessible by boat.  The professional team at Misty Isle Boat Trip take a personal interest in each couple's day.  Misty Isle Boat Trips have confirmed they will be available after July 15 2020. 

Bella Jane Boat Trips - the fabulous team at Bella Jane have their own canopy, so you could even hold your wedding on the boat if the weather is too rough to head outside.   The lovely team at Bella Jane Boat Trips are hoping to get back to work, but do check ahead to make sure they're available.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Top Class - a selection of gorgeous cars provided by the amazing George.  They also have a horse and carriage option too!  We have worked with George at a summer Flodigarry Hotel wedding - you can view it here.

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

South Skye Carriages - it sounds like something out of a fairy-tale: "The bride arrived in a horse and carriage!"  Their beautifully presented Clydesdale horse and carriage is available for weddings and special occasions throughout Skye and the surrounding area. 

Isle of Skye Elopement & Wedding Cakes:


Cakes by Fiona MacKinnon - Fiona produces delicious and gorgeous bespoke wedding cakes.  Fiona has confirmed that she is still available to create bespoke wedding cakes, so do get in touch with her for some yummy deliciousness!

Isle of Skye Elopement & Wedding Registrars & Celebrants:

Dunscaith Castle Wedding Photographer Heart And Soul Ceremonies Celebrant Photo

Sonja Eckl-Riel - Sonja can conduct wedding ceremonies in both German and English, offering a ceremony that reflects the couple's beliefs and relationship.  

Isle Of Skye Wedding Photographer

Davina McCluskie - We worked with Davina at a gorgeous Fiscavaig Beach Vow Renewal!  Davina is now back to work and we were delighted to have her take the ceremony at a recent 2020 elopement. 

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Neil Lynch - Elgin-based humanist celebrant, Neil, regularly travels to Skye with his gorgeous dog, Tanni, to conduct wedding ceremonies.  

Isle of Skye Musicians:

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Skye Piper Ally K - Ally is great to work with and a talented bagpipe player!  He is pictured above against the awesome background near the Quiraing.  Ally has confirmed he is willing to play at weddings this year.

Isle of Skye Wedding Musician Piper Photographer Photo

Alan Mackenzie is the Pipe Major of Skye's local pipe band and we thoroughly enjoyed working with him at a very wet Elgol wedding!  He confirmed that he is available for weddings this year.  Alan is based in Portree and his contact details are: 07785113771 or   

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Piper On Parade - Dougie headed up to Skye to play at the Quiraing at this elopement.

Isle of Skye Wedding Rings & Accessories:

Wedding Rings Isle of Skye Love From Skye Jewellers Photo

Love From Skye - Bryony and Paul run a gorgeous jewellery shop in Broadford and make truly iconic wedding rings featuring Skye's Cuillin Ridge.

Bryony gave us a wee update and confirmed that they are still at work and arranging collections and drop-offs. 

The shop is still closed, but they hope the next step will be to open by appointment.

The shop also stocks quaichs, for a truly Scottish touch to your wedding ceremony.  

Quaich Wedding Photographer Skye Photo

The quaich is used to share a sip of whisky together and is believed to be the origin of the phrase "the loving cup."  

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Wings Bow Ties - handmade by Nikki and Andy, these bow ties are a glorious, unique way to personalise the groom and groomsmen outfits.  You can check out our interview with Nikki and Andy here.

Isle Of Skye Indoor Elopement Venues:

At present, elopements are only permitted out of doors, but, when that changes, here are some of the gorgeous venues that will be ready to welcome you soon!

Eilean Donan Castle Wedding Photographer

Eilean Donan Castle - you're right, this one isn't on Skye!  It's very close, though, and is a spectacular, stunning wedding venue.  Just off Skye, the Castle can be found in Dornie.

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Cuillin Hills Hotel - luxurious interiors combined with superb catering make this hotel one of Euphoria's favourite wedding locations!  Located in Portree, the Hotel has a stunning view of Portree Harbour and the Cuillins.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Duisdale House Hotel - we can't enthuse enough about Duisdale!  Beautiful inside and out, with professional staff and excellent surroundings, this is a perfect wedding venue!  Duisdale is based in south Skye.

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Elopement Photo

Kinloch Lodge - beautiful grounds and a beautiful interior make this venue a superb choice for your south Skye wedding.  The lodge can be found on the road to Sleat, and takes around a 13 minute-drive from Broadford.

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Dunvegan Castle - there's something romantic about getting married in a castle and Dunvegan Castle is just extraordinary.  Around a mile and a half out of Dunvegan, stands the castle.  Combining history with beauty, it makes a stunning backdrop for wedding photographs and a memorable location for your wedding day.  

Skeabost Country House Hotel Wedding Photographer

Skeabost Country House Hotel - set amid beautiful scenery and on the edge of a loch, this hotel is a fabulous wedding venue.  Weddings are usually held in the conservatory but can also be held in the billiard room and the hotel's own former chapel.  The hotel itself is located a 10 minute-drive away from Portree.  

Flodigarry Country House Hotel Wedding Photographer

Flodigarry Hotel - located in ancient woodlands in north-east Skye, this is a hotel with a romantic Jacobite past.  As a wedding venue, it boasts spectacular views and was the place KT Tunstall chose to have her wedding ceremony.  It is located in the north of Skye, close to the iconic Quiraing, Old Man of Storr, Staffin Bay and Duntulm Castle.  

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

Sconser Lodge - this hotel is gorgeous inside and out - with so many opportunities for creative photographs!  Stunning views to Raasay, coupled with a gorgeous interior, make this a favourite indoor Skye wedding venue.  It is located in Sconser, a short distance from Portree.  

We know this is a very stressful time for everyone involved, so if we can do anything to make the planning process easier for you, please reach out.  We'd love to hear from you.

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