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A Gargle or an Eyrar or…?
26 March 2014

Today Euphoria was working around the Broadford area of the Isle of Skye. I have always noticed that there is a particularly beautiful light in this area - ideal for photographs! Today, was absolutely gorgeous.

When we were returning home, I saw something I had never seen before. According to the British Bird Lovers website you could say any of the following: a - gargle, bevy, eyrar, whiteness, bank, herd or gaggle and, if they had been flying, a wedge! I had, of course, seen Whooper Swans before but normally a couple or small family group. This was a first to see such a large group altogether. So, I wasn’t familiar with the collective term for such a large group.

They were a truly beautiful sight and were all communicating together - a thing I always find fascinating because I’d love to know what they were saying to one another. If there’s a next time, at least I will be able to come up with a collective noun!

Norma x


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