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A Good Read
14 March 2014

When Roz was little, I used to encourage her to respect and care for books by saying, “Books are your friends.” I think Roz has definitely come to believe that and she, like me, recycles her old friends and re-reads them. After a lifetime of re-reading, I sometimes long for new works by my favourite authors but many of these authors are dead.

It was a lovely surprise to stumble onto a contemporary writer whose work I have come to really enjoy. I was browsing the bargain books section in Oxfam, Inverness when I checked out a novel written by Carola Dunn. It was set around the 1920’s in England and the heroine, Daisy, falls into a number of adventures usually with an accompanying death. Daisy is intuitive and people are naturally drawn to her, sharing details of their life. Well that chance purchase has been the start of my accumulating a stack of Daisy Dalrymple novels by Carola Dunn. They are a light read but definitely puzzling too!

Norma x


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