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Alex's Disaster
09 July 2018

Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

A work trip to the Isle of Lewis seemed like the beginning of an adventure.

For Alex, who had never been to the Outer Hebrides, the prospect was very exciting.

We began the weekend with a trip to the incredible beaches out there.

Little did I know, as I turned the EVENTS van down the single-track road that led to Dalmore Beach, that this would be the scene of a terrible disaster.

All was well to start with.  Being a landscape photographer, Alex was enchanted by the mesmerising waves.  He placed his tripod and camera bag on a rock for safety and proceeded to set up his gear to photograph the waves.

I pottered about on the shore - until a singularly large wave approached.  I started to run up the beach for safety and Alex followed suit.  Suddenly, he noticed his camera bag being ruthlessly swept off the rock!  He quickly doubled back to rescue it, slipped on the shifting sands and plunged the camera and lens in his hand right into the salty sand.

While I photographed it.

Thinking he had just slipped, it wasn't until he produced his dripping wet gear that I realised the gravity of the situation.  I hastened back to the van to turn the air conditioning on full blast - hoping to dry out the gear and blow out the sand.

Alas, it didn't work.  Alex's entire kit was lost on the beach.

It may have been a blessing in disguise, as he was able to purchase the Canon 6d Mark II, and is slowly replacing his lenses - but not without learning a very sad and painful lesson...


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