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All Geared Up
10 September 2018
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
Oddly enough, very few people ever ask about our camera gear.  From all the elopements and weddings we have shot, only one person ever asked and they wanted some personal advice for their own photography.  For those few who may want to know more, here is what we use.
We are all Canon snobs - sorry!  Actually, we are not sorry really.  We want to produce the very highest quality images for our clients in all the challenging situations we meet - from dark, mysterious castles to the contrasts of cloud and sea.  In our experience, the Canon full frame cameras handle this range of locales beautifully. 
For auxiliary lighting, we continue to prefer off-camera, continuous lighting including video lighting and Westcott Ice Lights.  Usually one of us will light for the other and just occasionally, a guest or even client will help!  We find this sort of lighting predictable, reliable and flattering.
While technology grows and changes, we will move on too.  Meantime, we are delighted to work with such fine equipment to produce gorgeous images for our clients.
Norma  x


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