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Amy Macdonald - Under Stars Tour
20 April 2017

Amy Macdonald Inverness Music Media PhotoIt's been a long time since I first got my hands on a copy of This Is The Life, Amy Macdonald's debut album.  

Her obvious gift for lyric writing and vocal interpretation made the album one of the best I've ever bought.  Stand-out songs for me were A Wish For Something More, a yearning melody about falling in love with an oblivious best friend; Barrowland Ballroom, a bouncy song in celebration of one of Amy's favourite music venues and Mr Rock & Roll, an upbeat song about...  well, I don't really know what it was about!  But I liked it!

So it was with great excitement that I made my way to the Ironworks venue in Inverness to see Amy on the last leg of her Under Stars tour.

Amy's presence at Inverness was a draw for people from the Isle of Skye, and you can read the article here at The Skye Times.

Preceding Amy on the stage was special guest, Newton Faulkner, who thrilled the crowd with a dynamic performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.  

I love this photograph of him on the stage, rim lit by twin spotlights, with the crowd forming a perfect frame round him.

Amy Macdonald Inverness Music Media Photo

Amy was met by loud cheers of delight from the crowd when she appeared on the stage.

Amy Macdonald Under Stars Tour Photo

Amy Macdonald Under Stars Tour Photo

In spite of a dynamic performance from the incredibly talented lady, I was a little disappointed by the show.  The venue itself was packed, and, for those of a slightly claustrophobic nature, was a little bit uncomfortable.  Amy, however, could not have delivered a better or more enthusiastic rendition of her songs.  

Amy Macdonald Inverness Music Media Photo

Didn't she just have the most amazing boots?  I want a pair!

Amy Macdonald Under Stars Tour Photo

All in all, a great evening!  Thanks, Amy!

Amy Macdonald Under Stars Tour Photo


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