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An Irregular Lockdown!
20 April 2020

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

To keep busy over the April lockdown, I've been taking part in an Irregular Choice-themed challenge from blogger, Katt Dandy at Irregular Thinking.

The challenge calls for you to highlight and photograph a different item from your Irregular Choice collection during each day of April.  The very last day asks for a collection photograph - and I knew at once this was going to be a problem.

My collection has been moved five times in the last two years and, though I've downsized significantly, it's still quite a healthy collection!  How was I going to showcase them?  Where was I going to put them all?  

Fortunately, my husband came up with the bright idea of lining them all up and down the stairs (a process which took me one hour, many tears and an almost-breakdown).  Some shoes aren't visible (as I forgot I had to allocate room for my body!), some aren't in the order I would have liked and some are facing the wrong way.  But by the time you've lined up 65 pairs of shoes and three bags, you really don't care!

I've been collecting Irregular Choice for around four years now - and what I thought was a nice cheap hobby has turned into a very expensive passion as well as my own funky way to express myself. (And, yes, I have been known to turn up to wedding shoots in Irregular Choice!)

There are still a good few pairs I want to add to my collection, but the limited edition releases means they're highly sought after and very hard to find.  

Thank you very much to Skyelight Photography for the photograph of me in my natural habitat!  


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