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Avoiding Pandas During The Wedding Ceremony
13 July 2018
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Quiraing Wedding Photo
“Light in the eye and it’s goodbye to care!”  are lyrics from the Scottish folk song, Westering Home. 
For wedding photographers, light in the eyes is vitally important. 
In situations where we are able to guide couples into the best, flattering light, this is not an issue but during the wedding ceremony, as the couple moves around, we have no control and, in strong sunlight, the light is often not in the eye.  This creates the unflattering, panda eyes effect.
Our brides are wonderful!  There is so much to think about, especially during the different elements the wedding ceremony, yet when we ask our brides to remember to keep their head up during a sunny wedding, they remember to! 
This happened recently at Anna and Tyler’s intimate, family ceremony at the Quiraing recently.  We had encouraged Anna to be a “snooty bride,” keeping her head well up to avoid the shadows.  She was outstanding and, as a result, despite strong sun flitting in and out the clouds, Anna looked beautifully elegant and no sight of a panda anywhere!


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