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Coming To The Very Last Book
12 April 2020


Roz and I absolutely love reading books. When Roz was tiny - just 6 weeks old- she was propped up on my knee and I was reading a Bible story book with pictures for her. I always taught her that books were her friends. From there, has grown a life-long love of books.

If you love books too, you know that you can be transported, from the present, into other worlds and meet people you wound never meet otherwise.

Most of us have particular favourite authors and many of my favourites are no longer living. When you come to read a favourite author's very last book, it is an especially saddening thought that no more wonderful books will flow from that author's mind, at present.

Last month, another of my favourite authors, American-based, Mary Higgins Clark passed away. She is sometimes called the American Agatha Christie - though she covers some thought-provoking topics Agatha did not. She was an author who thoroughly researched her material so that her novels have real insights into some deeper topics including stalking, abuse and loss. I have not quite reached her very last book but am getting nearer.

Not everyone does, but Roz and I do return to read our favourite authors' books many times. So, when we come to the very last book, it simply means we can start reading our "friends" all over again!


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