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Do Not Read This Grisly Blog!
05 April 2017

Anyone of a nervous disposition should not read the following grisly blog.

During a visit to North Uist, last week, enjoying beautiful sunny weather, I decided to go for a walk. There are so many long stretches of beautiful, tranquil sands (more about that in a future blog) and I set off in one direction – only to get distracted by a graveyard.

I think it's genetic to go looking around graveyards and some of my earliest memories are looking at tombstones with my father reading out the inscriptions. Then, I am sure Roz' earliest memories are of wandering around Eynort graveyard, on the Isle of Skye, where you can see the relief shapes of claymores on the knights' graves.

Anyway, off I went into the one in North Uist and marvelled at the ripe old ages the residents reached and felt heartache for the few young people who had been buried there. There were several walled mausoleums and I went into one and found something shocking. An inscribed stone, set into the wall, told me of numerous Macdonald men buried there, going back to the 1400s, and underneath that stone was a gruesome sight! I was looking down at a mound of human remains in a heap of soil – thigh and arm bones, ribs all strewn about. Some of the bones looked especially old.

When studying Biology, there was a skeleton in the laboratory but it was a replica. Here I was standing before the real human remains of long-ago Macdonalds unearthed, I believe by rabbits! Their coffins must have disintegrated years ago and the digging rabbits had thrown up the bones! There is something very sacred about burying the dead and that they remain buried not exhumed. This will be for the attention of the local authority in North Uist as I don't imagine many people will want to share my experience!



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