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Dog Buddies - Part One
04 August 2020
Macey Doberman Photo
We all know the huge value of good friends.  Some of these have shared our lives for years, always there, understanding, kind.
For some people, their dog is truly their best friend and many wish they really were the person their dog believes them to be.
Recently, our Dobermann, Macey decided that he needed more friends and has discovered some exciting playmates.  The first time that I realised this, I heard him scuffling about, excitedly in the undergrowth of the river embankment.  When I investigated, I saw he was carrying a round, textured, brown object.  It took a second or two to realise that it was a large, rolled-up hedgehog.  Quickly, I told him to drop it and obediently, he did.  Not a good idea!  It rolled down the embankment and plopped into the river!
I shot down after it, to stop it bobbing down to the sea, and managed to draw it in to the side.  Having nothing with which to lift it, I wedged some wood behind it to keep it in place and trusted that, if we went away, its good sense would keep it safe.  Sure enough, it found its way to safety!  Phew!


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