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Eat, Sleep, Live Photography
15 March 2019
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
We used to have a black and white photograph of a famous photographer, in bed, surrounded by cameras and photographic equipment.  It hung above our original desk at Euphoria Photography.  It well illustrates how much the profession of photography becomes a life’s passion unlike some other professions.  Could you imagine a dentist, in bed, surrounded by drills, picks, swabs and mouth-washes?  Or an electrician, in his bed, surrounded by meters, cable and switches?
There are lots of tell-tale signs that a photographer is, in spirit, surrounded by cameras.  You will catch them staring at people, taking “neurochromes,” watching how the light falls on the face, sculpting and creating depth or weighing up the effect of interesting lighting and backgrounds in unusual settings.  Euphoria photographers are certainly guilty of all the above but do we sleep photography too?
Recently, I had found an old family photographic print.  It brought to mind the great parties we enjoyed with all the children.  That night, I dreamt we were at one of the parties.  Everyone was enjoying themselves when, suddenly, a plumbing leak, from the ceiling, caused a cascade of water to run down the wood panelling.  I hurried everyone over to it and said, “Quickly!  By all means phone a plumber, but I just must, please, get a photo of you all against the waterfall!”  And, I did!
So, yes.  We eat, sleep and live photography!


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