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FAQ: Can My Images Be Kept Private?
03 June 2019

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

When clients ask if we can keep their images private (meaning no posting them on our website, blog, social media accounts or displaying them at all), it's an understandable request.

As the majority of our clients elope, we know you want to keep your special day personal.

However, as businesswomen, it's important to us that we keep our brand fresh and flowing with new content.  As such, if clients prefer their images kept totally secret, we usually recommend some local, fantastic photographers who would be happy to oblige.

It's worth noting that we never post images of minors to our social media unless we have parents' express permission.  There are also private photographs (for example, of garters, personal jokes, intimate vows) that we would avoid posting.  For this blog, we're simply talking about photographs of our clients as you will have seen on our websites.

Here are some compromises we are more than happy to make.

  • Waiting.  If you'd like us to wait before posting images in order for you to tell your family and friends, we are 100% happy to do so.  
  • Input from you.  One option is sometimes to share a selection of images we'd like to use with you, so that you can see what's likely to be posted and give your approval.  
  • Posting wedding details.  Another option could be to post your wedding details, such as rings, flowers and other inanimate objects.  We're able to blog that we posted a wedding and share cute photographs - but your privacy stays in tact.  

We do ask clients before booking to sign and carefully read a contract, where we have full rights to post and share images.  We are happy to discuss compromises and options that suit you, but please do so before the contract is signed. 


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