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Five Tips To Keep Your Blog Fresh During Lockdown
06 May 2020

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The same four walls are all you see, these days.

The diary you had filled for 2020 is suddenly empty.  

You're worried you might not even be in business this time next year.

With all that going on, being creative and keeping your blog fresh can feel like too much effort and you don't have enough to give right now.

Here are five easy blogging tips to keep your blog updated, even during these extraordinarily difficult times.

  • Use your blog as an outlet.  If you're finding Lockdown particularly hard, write about it.  This isn't an easy ride for any of us, but getting your emotions out - even if they're negative ones - will not only help you, but might help future clients to engage with you and the way you're feeling.  I am especially finding it hard when people ask what I did during the day.  All my days look the same, and do they really want to know if I spent half a day in bed crying over absolutely nothing at all?
  • Use Facebook memories to your advantage.  Facebook has a feature that tells you exactly what you were doing on this day last year.  Blog about weddings you shot this time last year and wish your couples a happy anniversary.  This is a cute way of getting your work back in front of people and connecting with past clients.  
  • Start a photographic project at home.  These are unprecedented times and your skill as a photographer gives you a unique ability to document it.  Even that mountain of unwashed dishes by the sink tell a story!  Use your individual photographic eye to share a narrative that none of us have ever seen before.
  • Make the most of your daily allocated exercise.  I'm not sure what the laws are outside of the UK, but in Scotland we are allowed one trip to exercise a day - whether that's a walk or a cycle, why not take some photos and share them later?  I recently snapped the desolate streets of Portree on my phone and was astounded by the reaction when I posted them online.  When the hustle and bustle returns, those photographs may be all that's left of these quiet days - so take as many as you can!
  • Invite others to collaborate with you.  Maybe your fellow photographers in the local area could share tips on how they're handling Lockdown?  It sounds soppy, but in times like this we need to pull together - so get collaborating and make friends!

I hope that's helpful in some way.  Now, I just need to take my own advice!



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