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Five Ways To Include Your Family When Eloping
27 March 2019

Isle of Skye Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo

"They're going to be cross with us back home."

Only a handful of eloping couples have said that to us - but it has been said.

Weddings are a hugely important event - it's a time where family traditionally get together to celebrate.  Naturally, no one wants to miss out on that get-together.

But, for our eloping couples who choose to get married all alone in the Highlands of Scotland, is there a way to include their family in the day?

Isle of Skye Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo

1.  Include an item from a family member's wedding into yours.

One of our brides who eloped from Canada opted to have her grandmother's wedding ring incorporated into her flowers.  

2.  Video call them on the day.

Whether you want to let your family in on your wedding ceremony, or let them witness a romantic first dance, this is a lovely way of including family members who couldn't make it in person.  A number of outdoor Skye locations, such as Elgol, don't have mobile coverage at this time - so making sure you marry in a place with a good reception is vital for this option to work!

3.  A post-wedding party back home.

This is something the majority of our couples choose to do and it really does give them the best of both worlds.  They have the freedom to run away and marry in the mountains of Skye, and still party weeks later with their friends and family back home.  It also means no one needs to miss the family get-together.

Isle of Skye Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo

4.  Or do it the other way round!

Our beautiful couple above had their traditional wedding in Russia - and then dressed up in all over again for a post-wedding shoot in Scotland.  Other options could be to have a post-wedding blessing or a hand-fasting ceremony. 

5.  Choose a photographer you love.

Wedding photographs take on even more importance when you know it's an elopement.  Family and friends are desperate to see the images and it's important you choose a photographer that brings out the flavours of the day and memorialises them for all to see.  

Did you elope recently?  If so, we'd love to hear how you included your family and friends in the day!


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