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Fluffy, Flying Lollipops
17 January 2019
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo 
I had been listening to a television broadcast about appreciating nature and the importance of getting right in amongst it to ground oneself and, as it were, reboot.
Well, I have always enjoyed nature since I was a wee tot, marvelling at insects, birds and animals.
With the broadcast echoing in my mind, I set off for my usual walk up the fields, by a river, with Macey, our pet Dobermann. Where was the nature I had to commune with? I hadn't even entered the field before the umfamiliar, shrill squeaks of birds could be heard from within a conifer. To my delight, it was a small flock of long-tailed tits – looking like tiny, pale-coloured, fluffy, flying lollipops. I stood awed by them (and giving the Creator the credit) but when I looked closer within the conifer, there were also several other species which I might otherwise have missed.
We all know about “taking time to smell the roses” being good for us. And, of course, it is sound advice in an ever-bustling world. There is so much beauty to enjoy when we look closer, with or without our cameras.


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