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Forgotton Memories And Photographs
10 February 2020
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
Do you ever remember your father telling you stories?  Mine used to switch off the lights and by the twinkling firelight, he would tell me stories from his childhood.  Some were ghoulishly frightening and only just managed to have a happy ending!
One day, when I was very small, I asked my Dad to tell me a story about Wee Geegee (rhymes with wee.)  Having absolutely no idea who Wee Geegee might be, my father gamely launched forth the first of many amazing adventures in which Wee Geegee and his dog, Rover featured.  They came up against all sorts of dreadful dangers and fearlessly and successfully dealt with terrifying enemies often tearing off in their Rover car!
Recently, some very old family photographs came to light via a cousin and, for the first time, I saw a photograph of a regal-looking gentleman, who was my Irish, Great-Grandfather, Roz’ Great Great-Grandfather and my father’s Grandfather.  This is about as far back, photographically, as it is possible to go.  More than a forgotten memory, this was an unknown one!
Taking time to go through our older photographs will always bring back forgotten or just misplaced memories - often very vivid and surprising details come back to us.  This process emphasises the vital importance of wedding, engagement, elopement and family photographs.  We professional photographers catalogue family history and family heritage - the priceless treasures of the future.


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