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Fresh and Inspired Elopement Photographers, Isle of Skye
07 March 2019
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer photo 
How do we stay fresh and inspired as wedding and elopement photographers, here, on the Isle of Skye?  Why is that so important?
Euphoria has its down distinctive brand and style - dramatic, romantic and artistic.  We work with individuals which means producing gorgeous images that are especially tailored to the personalities of each couple.  Keeping fresh and inspired won’t just happen by itself.  Inspiration, though, can be from many sources.  So, we photographers need to be alert to lighting, reflections, posing and new trends.  By checking out fashion magazines, other photographers’ blogs and taking seminars we can pick up new ideas and tips which can be incorporated into our own particular style.  From one idea, springs more.  Two photographers working together will inspire each other on the shoot.  As one guides the lighting and pose, the other gets a new idea.
Currently, we have been “taking class” with Bambi Cantrell and Rocco Ancora and Ryan Schembri plus, of course, drawing insights from one of the most inventive photographers in the world - Jerry Ghionis.
Previously, we discussed the reasons why it is impossible to copy another (or even one’s own) photograph but inspiration is the life-blood of beautiful wedding photography and Euphoria always wants to bring fresh, inspired images for each couple


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