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Guest Blog: Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring
11 October 2019
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In this article, Emily Tebbutt from Ramsdens Jewellery offers her engagement ring shopping tips to those who are thinking about popping the question this winter.
Did you know that between the 24th December and the 1st January, there are more proposals and engagements than at any other time of the year (Chillisauce)?
It’s easy to see why. The magic of the festive season and celebratory gatherings with family and friends make Christmas the ideal time to pop the question to your significant other. But if you’re planning the perfect proposal, picking the right diamond ring is a real challenge as there are so many factors to consider — especially if you’ve never bought a ring before.
So, I’ve put together this guide to diamond ring shopping that includes five top tips for getting it right this Christmas.
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Make it personal
If jewellery shopping is a new experience for you and you’re not sure where to start, there are certain things you can use as inspiration such as the jewellery that your partner typically wears and their lifestyle. You might want to buy the biggest and best ring your budget will allow for your partner, but if their style is sleeker and more minimalist, you might end up missing the mark. Plus, if they’re particularly active or work with their hands, a modest ring might be more practical.
You’ll also need to work out what size ring to buy so they can wear it straight away and take those all-important proposal photos. If you want to be sneaky about it, you can figure out their ring size by tracing the inside of one they already wear on a piece of paper and measuring the circumference in millimetres. Most ring shops will have an online guide or will be happy to work out the size from there.
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Stick to precious metals
Once you’ve got an idea of what style of ring to go for, there are a few different metals to consider for the band. Precious metals are a must for engagement rings as they are long lasting, durable, and can be cherished forever, so stick to bands made from classy gold, sleek silver, or extra-valuable platinum. If you’re looking for an even more modern and romantic option, rose gold is just as valuable as yellow or white variants. But, as the pink hue of rose gold is slightly less traditional, you must make sure it’s in line with your partner’s personal style before you commit.
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Learn how to spot a good diamond
As it’s the focal point of your chosen ring, you’ll want to make sure the diamond is a real winner.
Plus, by learning how to spot a quality diamond, you can be sure that you’re getting good value for money. Diamond quality is based on the four Cs: clarity, colour, cut, and carat. You want to aim for the clearest stone available within your budget with as little yellow colour as possible. The cut refers to level of sparkle, and the carat is the weight of the stone. You can use our diamond buying guide to make sure you’re choosing the perfect one.
The shape of the diamond is also important so think about your partner’s jewellery collection and work out what shapes they like. Shape is also a great way to enhance the hand: for example, an oval or marquise shape can elongate the appearance of the finger.
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Extra details
You now have the basic design of your ring down, from the colour of the band to the shape of the diamond. Now, you can work out which extra details your partner’s perfect ring should include. For example, some people choose to have a trio of diamonds rather than a solitaire, or to have a diamond set band. At the moment, it’s popular to have a halo: a border of tiny diamonds around the principal stone.
Whatever you think your partner would prefer, make sure you factor it into your budget as extra details like these will bring up the price. If you know they like a fancier style but you haven’t got much to spend, you could consider filigree or an engraved pattern instead of extra stones to help keep the cost of the ring down. You could also consider shopping pre-owned collections to get high quality jewellery at a fraction of the price.
With the tips in this guide, you should feel more confident heading into a jewellery store and selecting the perfect diamond ring to propose to your partner with this festive season. And, after all the hard work and care you’ve put into your proposal, what better way to capture the moment that with surprise proposal photography?


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