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How I Spend My Morning
11 January 2019

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I actually don't think anyone is that interested in how I start my day - but I've signed myself up for a 30 day blog-writing challenge from Easy Weddings (check it out here to know what's in store) and this is one of the suggested topics.

It seems to me most photographers get up at 6am for a workout/run/gym session/rock-climbing/mountaineering/generally healthy excursion.  After this, they have a refreshing smoothie/healthy drink.  They then sit down to an organised day of blogging/practicing their craft/photographing their clients.  

I...  don't.

I'll probably wake up at 7:30am, throw my husband's alarm across the room until it shuts up, repeat the process at 8am and then finally get out of bed at 8:50am.  Yes, 8:50am.  It's called laziness.  After feeding the cats, but not myself, I'll get straight into my work as a journalist at Skye Times Online.  I've been fortunate enough to work as a journalist immediately upon finishing school and have worked for the best employer in the world during all of that time.  

There's nothing quite like the feeling of hunting down a news story - it's a cross between writer and detective!  

After this, I'll usually stop for lunch (probably soup, as this is a pretty cold winter!)

And that, friends, is how I start my day.  Lazily.  


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