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How To Keep Inspired During Quiet Times
07 January 2019
Imagine your wedding or elopement photographers are so consistent that every gallery looks exactly the same and you wonder if they have simply stitched on different clients' heads!  Imagine no surprises, no Wow! images, nothing to make you gasp in amazement.  Would you hire such a complacent photographer?
Obviously, there are some photographs and styles that will appear more regularly but, each wedding or elopement is unique, as are the couple, and the photography should be a living creation from that day.
So, how do you keep fresh and inspired?  The Euphoria team like to take seminars, online and in person, with the best photographers in the world.  Our favourite inspirations are Jerry GhionisBambi Cantrell and Jasmine Star.  Some Seminars are definitely worth re-taking.  Jerry and Bambi are particularly excellent teachers and pack in a great deal of information to their courses.  Jerry is always looking for fresh lighting and posing.  Bambi is a photographer with decades of experience and a romantic style.  She continually aims to take a fresh approach and regularly takes classes herself with other professional photographers.  Jasmine is marvellous at motivation and marketing.
Over the quieter period, we will also be taking course with Rocco Ancora and Ryan Schembri.  Other photographers' work and attitudes can inspire, reorient and refresh so that we continue to raise the bar for wedding and elopement photography here on the Isle of Skye.
Of course, taking courses is only the beginning.  We need to apply the advice, try new suggestions, make the inspiration our own and, consequently, delight our clients with the most gorgeous, romantic images possible.


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