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If You Want To Be Somebody...
13 February 2020
In the film Sister Act II, Whoopi Goldberg's character sings to inspire the young students in her class.  She sings, "If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention!'
I was thinking about how much that applied to wedding, elopement and engagement photography.  Of course, each person's definition of being somebody or going somewhere is different but, returning to wedding photography, we could ask, "Do I want to be the same somebody in the same somewhere as I was last year, 5 years ago and so on?"  Are we, as photographers growing, defining our style and brand with greater clarity, developing greater skill,  and making even more artistic, unique images?  Or are we still churning out the same old stuff we did years ago?  Certainly there are some standard shots which we must incorporate into shoots but looking back, we should see continued development and aspiration to greater photographic heights.
This year, the Euphoria team intends to "be somebody and go somewhere," by creating their best ever images for their clients yet!


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