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Isle Of Skye Wedding Photographer
05 April 2017

Every picture tells a story - and some have stories that aren't so obvious!


Isle Of Skye Wedding Photographer

The elements of this photograph all seemed to come together - our bride's pose perfectly mimicking the seagull that just happened to fly by at that moment.  

The atmosphere at Loch Coruisk is always so tranquil, so serene, that I wanted a photograph to emulate that air of peace.  The unplanned seagull made this image much better than anything I could have done!

The Kiss

Isle Of Skye Wedding Photographer

I had an image in my head for exactly how I wanted this photograph to look.  I wanted an elegant but romantic photograph, yet full of love and feeling.  The misty surroundings and our couple's natural bond just made everything perfect.  

Loving Him Was Red

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer

The second I saw this bright red wall in the holiday cottage, I knew it made a perfect backdrop.  Window light was filtering in, casting soft shadows on the couple's face.  

I instructed them not to smile, but to look almost snooty for this shot, as I wanted a very edgy, fashionable feel to the photograph.  

The Pianist

Isle Of Skye Wedding Photographer

Inspired by an image in Vogue magazine, Norma set out to create her own take on this photograph.  She carefully positioned our bride and groom on top of the piano at Dunvegan Castle (with full permission of the staff, who assured us the piano could take the weight of six men.)  The result is a fairytale photograph that perfectly matches the personalities of our lovely bride and groom.


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