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Just When You Think You’ve Done Really Well…
24 March 2014

Sunday evenings we often have friends visit. This Sunday, Roz got out the Scrabble board and three of us played. I was jogging along nicely when I got my first seven letter word which I managed to place on a triple word score totalling a (for me) unheard of 118 points in one go. A few turns later, I had my second seven letter word which I also managed to place on a triple word score adding on a further 80 points. By adding a word beginning with s onto one of the seven letter words, I made another two words on a triple word score and later used another triple word! I had never seen anything like it in a game before. At the end of the game, I was thrilled to have 364 points.

But, as I know too well, there are always others so much better than I. Googling scrabble scores I was suitably humbled to learn of a carpenter, Michael Cresta, who broke a long held record of 770 total points by scoring 830!!! He had also managed, in that game, to break the record for the highest number of points in a single turn - 365! That single score was accomplished by the word “QUIXOTRY.” It seems that Mr Cresta had memorised thousands of obscure words - now, I know where I’ve gone wrong. Reading photographic magazines and favourite novels won’t help me beat Mr Cresta’s record but, after all, it was my personal best.

Norma x


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