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Keeping Busy During Lockdown
10 April 2020
So, what are Isle of Skye wedding photographers doing during Lockdown?
All over the world, the professional photographic community is reaching out to offer support and encouragement, online participation, and practical reminders.  As each day moves ahead, much the same as the previous one, it is all too easy to get bemused.  Some people are gathering Masters degrees in Coronavirus while others almost ignore it altogether.  Perhaps, somewhere in the middle is the best balance; allowing you to be alert and prepared without driving yourself crazy. 
It is impossible to grasp the extent of pain and human suffering.  How we wish we could change things right now.
Some work can be done at home since Roz is also a writer/journalist as well as professional photographer.  I have resurrected my neglected flute and regularly create some beautiful and some appalling sounds but, while playing, thoughts are transported away from worries.
It has been helpful to check out some different recipes, especially as food deliveries are almost impossible to secure now.
Anything which reminds one of normality will be instantly de-stressing.  I find watching Nigella Lawson’s cookery programmes upliftingly normalising as are old, familiar, well-watched videos.  And, reading - again, familiar books are settling and, of course, for our spiritual side, so many find comfort, of all kinds, in the book of Psalms.  Hoping you can find activities which might ease your tensions.
Wishing everyone good health and safety!


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