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Larking Around on the Isle of Skye
17 May 2020

In the spring, when I am out walking Macey, the dog, I always have to stop and just listen and listen - to the larks.  They are my favourite song birds.  It’s always astounded me that they can sing so many notes so rapidly and so continuously without ever seeming to take a breath. Gareth Huw Davies, discussing the lives of birds and their songs, describes their special anatomy which allows the birds to sing without stopping for breath - unlike us humans. He also explains that the birds synchronise shallow mini-breaths with each song syllable to enable them to continue fluent, endless singing.  I can barely hear syllables as their song flows.  The mini-breaths must be taken extraordinarily fast.

This year, the lark began singing in April.  I can't help wishing they sang their wonderful songs just a wee bit longer but I do think God knew what He was doing when He made these birds!

Norma x


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