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Like-Minded Souls
24 August 2018

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

People who share the same interests often have an instant rapport.  This seems especially true with photographers.  Most really love their work, equipment, techniques and challenges and enjoy sharing encouragement and sparking inspiration in one another.

Roz and I have been fortunate to have met with some of the best and most creative wedding photographers in the world.  For example, Jerry and Melissa Ghionis who shared not only their drive and passion but patiently trained us to continue excelling, never being satisfied to be “good enough.” 
From Bambi Cantrell, we learned beautiful lighting and posing techniques and differentiating our work.  Recently, we have enjoyed the kind encouragement of Skip Cohen (whose site is an ongoing university for photographers.)  From Jasmine Star, we came to appreciate how important giving to others via our business was.
As we always are learning and stretching our photographic skills, we are so thankful that our lives have been touched by these wonderful people and grateful that we had the opportunities to implement their wisdom in Euphoria.
Norma  x


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