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Mobile Phone Traps
08 August 2018
On a recent trip to Inverness, I was sitting in the rear of our BMW.  Roz was driving along the wiggily, single-track road when, suddenly, she had to pull up hard and several objects jolted to the floor.  Unknown to me, my mobile phone was one of these.
As we drove along, there was the sudden,  mournful yowling of a cat. 
The cries grew more intense.  It was my ring tone.  I groped around for the ‘phone, trying to locate the sound while Roz drove on.  Finally, deciding it was coming from the front passenger chair, I probed as far underneath as I could to no avail.  I was certain it was my husband calling, and I really wanted to take the call.
Roz pulled up, the front passenger got out and she telephoned my number again.  We each probed deep under the passenger seat, accompanied by cat yowls, but there was no sign of the ‘phone.  Then, I felt two slots underneath the chair, exactly the opening-size for the narrow end of a mobile ‘phone!  There were two openings quite clearly designed as mobile ‘phone traps but what an aim Roz must have to brake hard and send the ‘phone shooting down one!
Roz’ slim fingers only succeeded in sending the ‘phone deeper into the trap.  There was only one solution - visit the experts at the BMW garage.  I was certain that they must have met with this problem before but it took a bit of explaining before they appreciated the difficulty and over half an hour’s work with considerable murmuring on the mechanic’s part, to ultimately rescue the ‘phone.
There is a moral to this story somewhere.  Though, I am not quite sure if the lesson lies in auto design or placement of mobile devices while in motion?


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