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Natural Photography vs. Posed
21 May 2019
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
On a wedding day, everyone wants to look their natural best, whether glamorous or cool.  However, natural does not necessarily mean photo-journalistic only.  Left to ourselves, do we naturally place ourselves in the best photographic light, tilting our body in the most flattering manner?  We have all seen those firing squad, group shots or the penalty kick line-up with everyone standing upright, flat-footed.
The Euphoria approach is that, when a couple are interacting together, they naturally look natural and, if they are doing that wonderfully, we would not give any directions.  We do like to ensure our couple are in beautiful, sculpting light and in the most pleasing compositions.  Then, giving our couple an action to perform together, such as one kissing the other on the temple and giggling.  Once engrossed in the action, the couple take up their own natural poses and reactions, making for a series of beautiful images which tell a mini-story.  So, you could say that Euphoria images are naturally posed!


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