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Norma's Favourite Fairy Glen Elopement Image
02 June 2019

Fairy Glen Isle Of Skye Elopement Wedding Photographer Photo

Logan and Jessie chose to elope, to the Isle of Skye, all the way from Australia!  Jessie disclosed that she planned to make her own wedding gown despite the nearness of her wedding.  Would she succeed in completing it in time?
On their tour of Scotland, they visited the Outer Hebrides and Logan had his Harris Tweed jacket to wear.  Jessie did succeed both in making and designing her gown although she confessed that there was one finishing touch which she simply did not have time to complete!  It was a wonderful, full, flowing gown which absolutely had to be draped.
This is a favourite image from a wonderful shoot at Fairy Glen.  Both Logan and Jessie were up for just about anything we asked of them.  This image was exactly the concept I had in mind.  I asked Jessie to go down into the centre of the Fairy Rings and hold out her dress behind her and, while facing away from me, turn her head back into the light.  This pose created a sense of movement and drama, while allowing the beauty of her stunning gown to flow.
We were so delighted to be chosen to photograph this beautiful wedding and share such an awesome day!


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