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Norma's Favourite Image From A February Eilean Donan Castle Elopement
21 February 2019
Eilean Donan Castle Wedding Elopement Scotland Scottish Wedding Elopement Photographer Photo
It is likely universally true that all photographers are influenced by other professionals, sometimes even unconsciously.  We see a  fellow photographer’s work (for example, Jerry Ghionis,) admire his concept, the lighting and posing of his subject and we grab ideas to try out in our own particular style.   (It is never successful to try to copy another photographer’s image but more abut that in a future blog.)
We all love to create a Euphoria original.  That is a posing concept which is our own, without special inspiration from an outside source.  The above pose is one of these.  We had the idea and tried it out (not with our February clients!) But, there is a tendency to splay the legs in an unflattering way.  If the groom swings the bride in full circles, you have to wait and catch the moment, as they rotate towards the camera and the light.  For the above photograph, we placed the bride and groom in good lighting.  We asked the bride to cross her legs, at the ankles, and place her hands, gracefully, on her groom’s.  Then we asked the groom to swing her back-and-forth in a semi-circle.   The above image in the concept just as we envisioned and we were delighted!


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