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Norma's Favourite Image From A Recent Cuillin Hills Hotel Wedding
17 June 2019
Isle Of Skye Cuillin Hills Wedding Photographer Photo
Farquhar had prearranged for an enormous bouquet of red roses to be delivered to the hotel, with a beautiful message, for his bride-to-be.  It was a medium-sized wedding with all the nerves, happy tears and tender emotions as the couple celebrated, with friends and family, at the Cuillin Hills Hotel.
We had gone up to Shona’s room for some final-stage, preparation shots and moments with her Mum.  On the way, I spotted this row of gorgeous lights, creating arched patches of light against shadow.  I wanted to get Shona there just before the ceremony.  I knew it would be necessary for her to throw her head right back to allow the light to fall, flatteringly, on her face.  I also changed the white balance to tungsten which would create the blue effect.  We added some soft, off-camera lighting.
Roz initially posed her with the flowing drapes of her gown held out to the side.  Then, I remembered an inspiring Jerry Ghionis shot where the bride had her hands stretched right upwards.  So, I suggested Shona stretch her arms up too. This is the shot.
Turning the white balance to tungsten was a brave move for me.  I wasn’t sure a bride would understand being blue.  We showed Shona the image on the back of the camera after we shot.  She enthused, “That’s the best I’ve ever looked!”  Her comment was enough artistic satisfaction for anyone!!!


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