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On This Day... Photographing Rod Stewart!
28 June 2020

Rod Stewart Photo

On this day...  28 June 2016, I was photographing Sir Rod Stewart in Inverness.

I've loved Rod Stewart since I was tiny, so this really was a huge dream come true.  

I was there as an official press photographer for the sadly-no-more Skye Times.  Unfortunately, the media memo came after I had left Skye to head to Inverness - and I never got to read it.  The media brief stated that you were able to bring a ladder with you - and there I was, surrounded by very tall crowds, unable to get close to the stage, and feeling very small.

Fortunately, I had an idea - and with the kind permission of the media team, I was able to jump up onto a large pile of boxes surrounding one of the sound systems and ended up getting much higher than all the prepared journalists who had read the memo!

The full story - and a lot more photographs - can be found here.


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