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Personal Projects
06 March 2014

Although photography is famous for its ability to completely absorb your attention (thus proving itself to be a great form of therapy), I try to make time for a number of other projects in my life.  A Bucket List, if you will.  

Number one on my list is to knit myself my very own Tom Baker Doctor Who scarf.  After surmounting an immediate setback (both my knitting needles had dropped behind my bookshelf and it required major furniture removal to retrieve them), I then proceeded to search for patterns.  Being of the mind that it's better to do it right or not at all, I'm determined to make my scarf as authentic as possible, which involves getting all the colours just right.  I don't anticipate having the scarf ready for this winter.  Or the next!  

On the upside, it does mean I get to watch all the Tom Baker episodes and call it research!


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