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Photographers Support During The Pandemic
19 June 2020

Euphoria Photography Skye Photo

The community of worldwide professional photographers is like a unique, large family.  If you ever meet someone who loves photography, they are devotedly passionate about their craft and all matters photographic.

Grounded from fully pursuing their work right now, the community has united in a vibrant sharing of their educational skills, techniques, equipment features and personal encouragement.  Individuals are creating the most beautiful images, in their limited sphere, making even an orange tumbling into a glass of clear water become an art image.

Individuals reach out to other individuals to check on their welfare.  Photographic blogs continue to shower positivity and encouragement to fellow artists and this triggers a reciprocal, outward, chain response.

Yesterday and today, I enjoyed a series of cheerful, thoughtful and kind messages from my “cyber-buddy” and photographic educator, Skip Cohen, of the famous Skip Cohen University.  Skip is thousands of miles away in Florida but appreciates that we are all going through the same daily issues.  If you love, photography, his blog is worth checking out.  I was extremely touched to get his good wishes all the way to us here, on the Isle of Skye.

We certainly all go through the same waves of emotion and, at times, uncertainty but one thing is certain, the professional photographic community is there to cheer our hearts.


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