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Poor Macey!
02 March 2017

Macey, our rescued Dobermann, is now six years old.  He is a small, wee fellow but, what he lacks in brawn, he definitely makes up for in brain and, if you have followed some of his problem solving stories on this blog, you will know that I am not just another delusional owner!

Recently, however, we noticed that something was not quite right.  When he has eaten something that he shouldn't, an upside-down triangle of hair on his brow tends to stand on end rather as if he is cold.  This triangle seemed permanently present and his stomach was fine.  Then, I noticed he was beginning to lose a little bit of hair on his ears.  Immediately, on googling, I found a very helpful Dobermann forum and photographs of their pets' hair loss.  It looked as though the issue could be an underactive thyroid and I had noticed he seemed to be hugging the radiator more than ever.  The vet took a blood sample and I tried the thermometer test which is useful for humans.  His temperature on rising was consistently under dog-normal and, sure enough, his blood sample registered underactivity of the thyroid.  Having used natural thyroid hormones myself, I wondered if it was possible for Macey to take my tablets.  On researching online, it seems that dogs thyroid tablets are about 10 times stronger than what I take.  No wonder they have so much energy!!!

It has been under a month since Macey began his treatment and it is just too early to see him symptom-free.  Online information states that it takes around four months for hair to grow back.  Although he certainly seems lively, it will be nice to see him returning to normal (or as near normal as hormone replacement can be.)

Norma   x


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