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02 May 2020
Euphoria Photography Skye Photo
It is a huge disappointment for so many of our clients and potential clients to have to put their wedding and engagement plans on hold, during this time of uncertainty and apprehension.  However, under the current guidelines, it would be impossible (and unwise) to attempt to elope or propose.
On Facebook, I saw that a professional photographer had photographed a church wedding.  The bride walked down the aisle with her father and all the church pews were filled with guests - that is with the guests’ photographs!!!  This obviously was the wedding this couple wanted and it certainly would make a memorable and unique memory of their special day!  This would not be the choice of every couple. 
So, in the meantime, take the time to finalise your elopement or proposal plans.  What would be the perfect choice for you two?  Feel free to contact and you may enjoy checking out our Let’s Elope! and Marry Me! pages for in-depth information about venues and locations, rings, wedding registrars and celebrants, flowers, cakes, hair and make-up, kilts and more.
Happy event planning!


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