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Reaching Out To Others Can Make A Difference!
07 September 2020
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
The Euphoria team uses Facebook to allow clients to share their images when we post a sneak peak immediately after their wedding.  We also have a large circle of photographic friends from all around the world.
Recently, one of the team, noticing that a fellow-photographer had not been posting, reached out to ask if all was well.  This is what the photographer posted publicly: 
"I have been very slack in posting anything other than memories that pop up or sharing other posts from other people. I have been distracted with other things ( watch this space ) but truthfully I have been so unmotivated. Today I was reminded by someone via a private message how wonderful people can be and how Facebook can be used in a positive way.
"A photographer from the other side of the world, noticed. She reached out and asked the question "Hello Nick. Hope I am not intruding but I noticed you had not posted any beautiful images lately and wondered if you and your family are all right?"
Such a beautiful sentiment from someone who noticed. A great example of what we can do for others too. Watch for tell tale signs of someone who is posting or not posting. The language they use, any abnormal signs that makes you think that someone may need a virtual hug or a quick message, maybe even a phone call.
"Finally, thank you for reaching out (you know who you are.)
When thanked privately for this very moving response to the enquiry, he stated: "I will be posting more and forever have you in my thoughts when I do."
The moral of this story is that when you feel an inclination to reach out to someone in any way, act on it!  You have no way of knowing how much it will mean to the other person nor how far-reaching your small act of kindness will be.  (Additionally, there is a wonderful glow from knowing that the little you did made a difference to another human!)


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