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Sad Or Glad!
29 June 2020

Quiraing Wedding Photographer Photo

In 2010, Roz and I attended a Jerry Ghionis seminar in London. At the time, I took my Canon 5D Mark II with 70-200mm L lens and Roz had an Olympus E-3 with 50-200mm Pro lens.

We attended prepared to learn from a genius, who also happens to be a gifted teacher. So, we had no hang-ups about ourselves, no egos to damage! Everyone else there was already a professional wedding photographer and yet, everyone had something more to learn. Roz was still a school-girl and Jerry’s wife, Melissa, took her aside and personally guided her through manual metering and camera skills. We went out and practiced, daily, what we learned and then our images were blown up on screen and critiqued, in class. I was interested to see how Roz’ Olympus E-3 resolution would stand up in comparison with the Canons and Nikons. It was impressively excellent. At the end of the course, one of the Pros, from South Africa, towering over Roz, he acknowledged her progress saying that her photography gave him goosebumps!

After this, we went on to shoot with the weather-sealed, bomb-proof Olympus E-5 and the magnificent Zuiko lenses, for a number of years, still using these tanks today for poor weather shooting.

It is sad to see that camera sales are down as people opt to use phones. Yes, you can get some great results from phones. They are conveniently present but when it comes to taking control of the camera with all its possibilities, to obtain highest quality results, the finest camera and lens combination is the best choice.

However, the tools are only as good as the operator because, as Bambi Cantrell says: “Cameras don’t take photographs; people do,” which is why you should always hire a top professional photographer for the most important events of your life!

Regarding, Olympus Imaging products, there is much speculation and, really, we can only wait and see. There will always be a need for gorgeous, beautifully lit and posed professional images to treasure and we will always need gifted professionals to continue to raise the bar in the photographic industry.


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