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Ten Years of Skye Elopement Photography!
30 November 2020

Isle of Skye Elopement Photographer Photo

Ten years ago, this month, Roz and I packed up our camera gear and flew to London for an intensive, wedding photography course with the internationally acclaimed, Jerry Ghionis. Not only, in our opinion, the best and most creative wedding photographer in the universe, Jerry is also a gifted teacher.

Naturally, we were excited and a little apprehensive. I had had to push for Roz to be able to attend, as she was only 15 when we enrolled. When we met up with Jerry and his, now, wife, Melissa, they scooped us up into their warmth and enthusiasm and, with our fellow students, we soon felt very at home and got down to learning how to perfect our craft of wedding photography. (It was so thrilling and stimulating to be infused with photographic inspirations, I could not get to sleep at night!)

It was during the course, that Jerry revealed that he thought our business name sounded arrogant but that Roz and I were not. The four of us began to brainstorm new name ideas with Jerry asking prodding questions and, in answer to one, the beautifully ecstatic word “Euphoria!” jumped out. In that moment, Euphoria was born! I dived onto domain sites that night and secured our newly-named domain.
After all, what day of your life is more Euphoric than your elopement or wedding - the realisation of all your dreams?

In almost ten years of photography, we have met the most wonderful couples who have chosen to elope (or propose) in one of the most romantic and variably scenic locations - the stunning Isle of Skye. We have also been thrilled to use the skills, techniques and inspirations from Jerry, as we continued honing our abilities with his education online over the years - and producing memorable, stylish and precious photographic memories which are treasured forever.

We would love you to share your euphoric elopement dream and go on to plan your magical adventure together.


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