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The Cat Hat
01 January 2018

What adjectives can describe a cat?  Loving, mischievous, naughty, dozy, playful, predatory?  My word for the recent exploits of Clyde, Roz' cat, has to be clumsy with a peppering of destructiveness.  He does remind me of Simon's cat, systematically knocking the ornaments off the mantlepiece.  However, Clyde takes it to a new level.  There is an extra large painting of Roz reading.  It sits above the mantlepiece.  One night, there was a resounding clatter, which woke me with a start.  Yes, Clyde had actually succeeded in bringing the painting off the wall, skittling down a couple of ornaments from the mantlepiece simultaneously.

Recently, Clyde reached a new level, even for him.  You could even say that he got a head of himself!  I was sitting quietly, a calm moment for a Skye Wedding Photographer, warming my back against the radiator under the window ledge.  Ah, lovely!  Suddenly, there was a scuffling sound.  Something heavy launched itself at my head.  Clyde had slithered off the window ledge.  Using his claws, like snow-ploughing skis, he slowed his fall down my cheek and nose - now bleeding profusely - and plonked to the floor, leaving me shocked and wondering where the meteor had come from!  Does he plan such things or is it the result of impulse?  How can you ever tell with a cat like that?


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