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The Headless Photographer
04 July 2018

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

I know what I was doing in this shot.  But, chances are, nobody else does.

Am I being sick as I see the sheer drop over the cliff?

Have I fainted?

Why don't I have a head?

Every year, Norma and I share photographs that we've sneaked of each other at work.  Whether it's demonstrating a pose, lying down to take shots of the wedding bouquet (as above), caught with a funny expression...  we've done it all, added captions, and we've blogged about the results for everyone to laugh at.  Inspired by Jasmine Star and her husband, JD, it's become one of our Euphoria traditions.  Chances are, we are the only one who actually laughs - but at least we're amused!

If you can't wait until the end of the year to see the 2018 edition, here are our past posts:

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Roll on December!



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