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The Inestimable Value Of Photography
21 December 2018

Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo

Jerry Ghionis was speaking at a Seminar for photographers.  He asked the audience to think of the most valuable photograph they possessed...  Then, he asked them to imagine giving the photograph to him and he would began to tear it up.  How would you feel? 
Jerry was illustrating the inestimable value of a photograph and the corresponding high value of the work we do as professional photographers.  He went on to point out that, over time and through generations, the value of the photograph more priceless.
So what about the most important events of your life?  Do they not deserve the value of professional photography?  Your engagement, wedding ceremony and marriage vows, vow renewal, baby's birth all need to be documented beautifully and preserved for future generations.
(The photograph above is of Hugh and Rebecca, Roz' Great-great Grandparents.  Is is irreplaceable.  Hugh died in his early 30s.  Although he was a champion swimmer and cyclist, he succumbed to pneumonia and died, leaving Rebecca alone to care for her two girls.  Hugh's relatives wanted to take the girls to Belgium and rear them there, with every comfort, but Rebecca refused and chose to live in Glasgow instead.  All that would be lost family history had not my Grandmother treasured these photographs and shared with me their story, which I can now pass on to Roz - certainly inestimable value!)


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