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The Terrifying Toadstool!
04 September 2020
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo 
I always enjoy being out in nature.  Living beside a river and an ancient wood makes that so easy.  The dog and I set off and we never know what gorgeous creations we will see.
One day, while returning home, I noticed something odd.  It looked like a large, shiny, chestnut-coloured ball.  On closer inspection, it proved to be an enormous toadstool.  Macey, the Dobermann, had obviously not seen it before and when he did, he was horrified!
He made all the usual doggy-moves of nervous barking, moving towards it and then ducking back again and he refused to go past it no matter how I tried to reassure him.  Eventually, I managed to persuade him and he scooted past it like a rocket .  He was taking no chances!
Every day we passed, the toadstool got bigger and bigger until it was a giant about the size of a medium plate.  As it grew it flattened out, making it seem gigantic.  And, every day, Macey was very nervous.
It proved to be like Jonah's bottle-gourd plant, over-reaching its own capacities, growing too rapidly, and, one day, we found it withering away.
Now, we pass freely.  The terrifying toadstool has no terrors now!


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