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The Truth About Coronavirus
28 April 2020
It is a bold title - the truth about coronavirus, especially in a world saturated with so much and often conflicting information.  Sifting through all this, you may eventually arrive at some truth or, at the very least, be as overwhelmed as you were before.
O.K,  So, what is the truth?  Well, the truth is that we do not know what the truth is.  Logically then, it seems wise to be vigilant, prudent and wise in order to protect loved ones and yourself.  This, in turn, protects others too.
In the confusion of, should I wear a mask or should I not? - would you feel safer if everyone was wearing a mask?  Do you feel safer wearing one yourself?
Is 6 feet separation-distance sufficient? - some sources say up to 8 metres.  Would you feel safer if everyone kept 8 meters away from you?  Would you feel safer staying that far away?
In the U.K., the recommendation is to view yourself as having the virus and behave accordingly to protect others.  For your own safety, you could view others and items, outside your home, as having the virus and act accordingly.
For tips on how to protect and deal with viral attack with natural treatments, it is worth checking reliable sources, with which you are already familiar and feel you can trust.  You may want to research for yourself high doses of Vitamins C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Sambucol and Lysine.
Meantime, please stay alert and safe!


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