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The Truth About "Natural" Wedding Photography
04 March 2017

I've often heard brides say they want "natural" photographs.  Nothing wrong with that, you might say.

So why is it, whenever people see a camera, they stand ramrod straight, plaster a cheesy grin on their face and, in short, behave quite unnaturally?

We have come to believe that what people mean when they say "natural" are beautiful photographs of them in natural light, not looking at the camera, enjoying a loving moment with their new husband or wife.  

Such moments don't always come about by themselves.  As master photographer, Jerry Ghionis, would say of his work: "The bride just happened to walk by a bright red wall, just happened to lift up her gorgeous wedding dress and just happened to tilt her head and giggle in the most flattering position and perfect light."  Sometimes it really does happen.  Other times, it's the responsibility of the photographer to make that magic happen.

We will usually set up the framework of a pose, making sure you are at the most flattering angle and in the best light, then we will encourage you to have fun together or give you an action to perform that results in a perfectly natural, unique and romantic moment.  This eliminates any awkwardness or camera shyness as the couple concentrate on each other and not the photographers.

In short, we do want to avoid the unnatural photographs.  We want to create magical moments that celebrate who you both are, and make sure you are the best light and location.  

Magic happens.  But sometimes it needs a little coaxing.


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