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Top Isle Of Skye Elopement Image
09 October 2019
Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photography Photo
Every elopement, wedding, proposal, anniversary or themed photo-shoot, will have a number of favourite images.  These can be shot either by Roz or myself and sometimes, unless we check back, we are not even sure which of us photographed what!  This does show that our work blends into the Euphoria style.
Recently though, there have been several outstanding images from different shoots. They are more than just the “Wow!” shots, these are the top shots.
Looking back at a flurry of different weddings and proposals, we love how the couple’s own style intertwines with our work.  However, the above image was not simply a quick-reflex, serendipity shot.  Roz had been carefully noting the way the waves were being thrown up onto the rocks.  Our marvellous couple Vicki and Tony were already in the location and getting wet by a shower of rain.  So, Roz carefully selected where she wanted the couple to stand and guided them into a pose.  She waited for the right moment, the right wave splashing high and she caught her top elopement image!
Vicki, being an absolute trooper didn’t mind her face being peppered with ocean spray.  A simple dab down and she was ready to be a supermodel for Euphoria


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