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Wedding & Elopement Photography in a Pandemic
01 July 2020
Elopement Isle of Skye Wedding Photographer Photo
Back in early March 2020, The Euphoria team made the decision not to accept any further bookings meantime.  The reason was, that with an unseen enemy, perpetuated by travel and close physical contact, we could not guarantee that conditions would be favourable for weddings nor were we willing to accept bookings which we might not be able to honour.  That proved to be a sensible decision.  Weddings were not held.  People were encouraged to stay at home.  There was lockdown.
A plethora of confusing and contradictory information has continued to circulate, adding to the existing uncertainly.  Despite this, decisions have been made to ease restrictions, closely followed by a move to lock down the entire city of Leicester in
England and, as we write, the possibility of some border closure to Scotland.
Clients who may have planned elopements have postponed.  Then, they wonder should they go ahead?  No one really knows what will happen next!
After consideration, amidst such dubiety and unpredictability, the Euphoria team will not be accepting any further bookings for the next few months.  We are desperate to get creating beautiful art images for clients but will remain patient a little bit longer.
We would still love to hear about your future plans to propose or elope when life is calmer.  Meantime, please do whatever you need to to keep safe!


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