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What if it should rain? How to have a perfect rainy day!
13 March 2020
Wet Weather Wedding Skye
With the U.K. currently experiencing relentless rain, the above question seems really appropriate!
We have discussed this question a number of times, in previous blogs, because it is such an important consideration.
For some, a rain shower is fun and perhaps what they would expect from Scottish weather.  For others, there may be no way to adjust the shoot to a time with better weather and they simply have to go ahead with their elopement, whatever the weather.  The Euphoria team has shot a few of the latter shoots.  We have found the celebrants and registrars to be outstanding, willing to keep this most important of occasions as positive as possible, heedless of their own comfort and making the best of any difficulties.
Euphoria will reschedule to a more kindly time whenever humanly possible.  When this is impossible, we will keep photographing in the rain, with our first consideration being the wellbeing of our clients.  Often, we are able to break off, warming up in one of Skye’s friendly hotels, and continuing the shoot indoors with the hotel’s permission.
We are equipped with weather-sealed gear, which has been proven to withstand earth’s extremes, far beyond anything Skye’s rain can offer.  This enables us to continue, without having to think about the welfare of our equipment, and concentrate fully on giving clients the best shoot possible.
As everyone realises, there is a softening of image quality, with some loss of colour and contrast, when shooting in the rain.  Regardless of this, the joy of the occasion, the celebration of your love and commitment and the magical adventure of sharing these emotions, in such an iconic location, makes even a rainy day shoot a perfectly wonderful treasure of memories to share forever.


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